A new approach for XML content conversion

XML content conversion workflows have long been established in the scholarly publishing community with publishers typically electing to use one or a mix of outsourced services, third-party software or custom-developed scripts. These different approaches have served the community well over recent years, but Stilo’s Word to JATS Migrate web service now provides a radically different approach to help publishers significantly reduce their ongoing conversion costs and associated production times.

The Migrate JATS hosted web service enables journal, academic and book publishers to automate the conversion of documents authored in Word to the JATS XML specification, as part of a publishing workflow. The service is available in the cloud or on-premise, and is accessible 24/7. Benefit from immediate turnaround times for document conversion, with full user control over conversion results and content quality.

Why Stilo Migrate?

Migrate has been established in the XML DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) community for many years, enabling publishers of technical documentation to reduce conversion turnaround times & costs and gain full control over content quality. It is this success within the DITA community that has inspired us to develop the Migrate JATS service for scholarly publishers.

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