AuthorBridge can help production teams shorten publishing cycles and significantly reduce the costs associated with traditional Word authoring and outsourced XML conversion workflows.

AuthorBridge is a web-based XML editor that provides support for publishers looking to target the NISO XML JATS (Journal Article Tag Suite) and STS (Standards Tag Set) specifications. Its unique architecture makes content creation easy and intuitive. The author is unencumbered by the usual constraints of XML editing tools, and is instead provided with a guided, free-flowing authoring experience, much the same as when authoring in Word.

We call this fluid authoring.

AuthorBridge has been built upon CKEditor, the world-leading, Open Source HTML text editor. With more than 17 million downloads and over 10 years of continuous development, it is trusted by companies including IBM, Microsoft and Oracle.

Advanced table handling (CALS)

AuthorBridge provides support for the <CALS table> model (also known as the Oasis Table Exchange Model). The CALS table supports the spanning of multiple rows or columns for special layout or organizational needs and provides a wide variety of controls over the display properties of the data and even the table structure itself. These more complex table formats are often used in technical documentation for formatting purposes.

AuthorBridge also supports the <simpletable> format. As the name implies, it is structurally less sophisticated than the CALS table.

Advanced copy & paste

Trying to make sense of structure (e.g. numbered or bulleted lists, tables) when copying and pasting from Word directly to an XML editor is typically challenging. Not not so with AuthorBridge, the conversion server makes sense of it all under-the-hood. By leveraging visual cues & context, it is able to determine the appropriate markup to apply and ensure that it is valid at the target location.

Support for a broad range of CKEditor add-ons

AuthorBridge can be configured to incorporate a broad range of add-ons, with ongoing support provided by Stilo for the total enhanced solution. CKEditor community add-ons include Google docs viewer, templates, form elements, equation editor, math editor, YouTube embedding, list, formulae, floating tool bar and many more, totalling 300+ at last count.

Review comments/track changes

Authors and editorial staff can collaborate during the editorial process by providing comments for review as side callouts in the AuthorBridge user interface and tracking any changes made.

Ease of integration

AuthorBridge can be readily integrated with local file systems, shared repositories such as GoogleDrive, Box or GIT, in addition to central content management and publishing systems.

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Why Stilo?

Stilo has been involved in the development of structured content tools and technologies for more than three decades, helping major organizations solve some of the most complex content processing problems. We are the developers of OmniMark, an SGML/XML content processing language and Migrate, a ground-breaking cloud XML content conversion service. We have helped our customers convert over a million pages of content to the XML DITA specification from source formats including Word, FrameMaker, InDesign, RoboHelp and Madcap Flare. It is our deep understanding of XML and our ability to solve difficult content processing problems that led us to the development of AuthorBridge.