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AuthorBridge | the emerging model for enterprise DITA authoring

Up until now there has traditionally been 4 classic models of content authoring:
free-form (how it looks, not what it is), form-driven (highly constrained),
structure-driven (direct XML tagging)
and template-driven (constrained). Each has their relative merits, but still fall short of what is required for widespread enterprise DITA adoption.

Now, with AuthorBridge from Stilo, there is an emerging 5th model for content creation, Guided + Fluid Authoring, breaking down the barriers to enterprise DITA adoption.


Guided + Fluid DITA Authoring

AuthorBridge provides a Guided + Fluid authoring experience for the SME. It delivers all the advantages of free-form authoring (author-friendly, with little or no restrictions), while ensuring that rich semantic content is generated under the covers, capturing the author intent without any of the complexity of DITA.

AuthorBridge provides visual controls and cues to guide the author naturally

AuthorBridge provides visual controls and cues to guide the author naturally

By providing visual controls and cues, it guides the author naturally, with no explicit tagging or structure to directly manage. The document schema acts like an unobtrusive framework. When changes are made to the content, the AuthorBridge conversion engine automatically computes and applies the appropriate semantic markup, allowing the SME to concentrate exclusively on authoring the content.

Benefit from

  • Guidance text in the user interface for creating a new topic

  • User interface controls that provide hover help and/or tool tips

  • Non-intrusive, in-line textual guidance for the high-level parts of the topic body

  • A visual guidance panel, specially adapted for each document type

  • A totally customizable authoring environment

As a result, content creation is easy and efficient. The SME is unencumbered by the authoring tool, and provided with an intuitive and free-flowing  fluid authoring experience.


Leverages Open Source software

AuthorBridge integrates CKEditor, the world-leading, Open Source HTML text editor, with more than 9 million downloads and over 10 years of continuous development.

  • Fully customizable

  • Community driven

  • Supports 60+ languages

  • Compatible with all major browsers

  • plug-in architecture


 Support for a broad range of plug-ins

AuthorBridge can be configured to incorporate a broad range of plug-ins.AuthorBridge can be configured to incorporate a broad range of CKEditor community plug-ins, with ongoing support provided by Stilo for the total enhanced solution. Plug-ins include Google docs viewer, track changes, templates, form elements, equation editor, math editor, YouTube embedding, list, formulae, floating tool bar and many more.



AuthorBridge key features

  • Browser-based HTML editor

  • Server-based conversion & round-tripping to DITA

  • DITA smarts computed by the conversion server
    allowing more freedom for the SME

  • Comprehensive DITA configurability

  • CCMS integration


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