MigrateBrochureCoverNewOct12Download a copy of our new Migrate brochure:  Cloud content conversion to XML  – Using Stilo Migrate for Adobe FrameMaker to DITA conversions.

The overview has been prepared to illustrate how advanced levels of automation can be applied when using Migrate to convert FrameMaker documents to DITA, and explain how output quality can be incrementally improved through the involvement of subject matter experts.  By continually refining the quality of the generated XML, and reducing the need for manual pre-conversion or post-conversion clean-up, the overall time and cost of conversion projects can be kept to a minimum.

Migrate is a cloud service that enables organizations to automate the conversion of their content  into different XML standards.  Users can upload documents to a dedicated portal in a variety of source formats, analyze them, annotate key attributes and using pre-configured conversion rules, instantly convert to any target XML

Migrate brochure