Web-based DITA editing for subject matter experts – raising the bar … again

Stilo announces version 3 of AuthorBridge with a live demo broadcast Jan 29, 2019.

Since its inception, AuthorBridge has provided SMEs with a truly unique guided and fluid authoring experience. Specifically designed for users with no knowledge of DITA or XML, it has helped organizations rapidly roll out DITA authoring to non-ID professionals in marketing, engineering, training and support.

To do this well requires sophisticated DITA content processing ‘under the hood’ and this is where AuthorBridge excels.

AuthorBridge v3 provides

  • a guidance panel to help SMEs understand what sort of content they are expected to write, and where to put it
  • change tracking for text and structural changes
  • review comments
  • DITA maps presented in a “document” mode with all topic content resolved and editable, and with an outline pane showing the topic hierarchy
  • topics resolved and editable, can be inserted, removed, moved around
  • advanced copy & paste support ensuring appropriate mark-up is applied and valid
  • superior table handling
  • intuitive support for conditions
  • optimized performance for large documents
  • may be customized to support DITA specializations

Watch the webinar recording (registration required) and see first hand why AuthorBridge v3 is the most full-feature, user-friendly DITA authoring tool on the market.

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