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Those new to content management and/or DITA will find guidance for starting their journey, while for experts, our program offers ways to continue pushing the boundaries. Join us for a chance to share what you already know and find out about things you don’t!

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Join us for our Technology Test Kitchen on Thursday, November 7 | 11.30-12.10

AuthorBridge—the key ingredient to making DITA authoring digestible for SMEs
Presented by: Bryan Tipper | VP, Sales & Marketing

For most non-professional content experts, authoring rich semantic content is considered too difficult to digest. The prospect of learning DITA is something they have little or no appetite for, they typically want to continue authoring in Word, or a Word-like authoring environment, and understandably don’t want to learn about XML.

So how can you tempt your SMEs to sample the delights of DITA authoring? The key ingredient is AuthorBridge from Stilo.

Specifically designed for users with no knowledge of DITA or XML, it has helped organizations rapidly roll out DITA authoring to non-ID professionals in marketing, engineering, training and support. To do this well requires sophisticated DITA content processing ‘under the hood’ and this is where AuthorBridge excels.

Join us for this technology test kitchen session and we’ll demonstrate some of the key ingredients that go into making AuthorBridge the crème de la crème of SME DITA authoring tools.

Features such as:
• ‘Word-like’ guided authoring
• Change tracking of text and structure
• Review comments
• Copy and paste from Word and Excel
• Best in class table support
• Best in class support for conditions
• Document view for DITA maps, edit topic content
• Optimized support for large documents
• Support for content reuse