Stilo offers two standard course levels for learning OmniMark.
For further information on OmniMark training courses, including pricing, please contact us.

Introduction to OmniMark

For the developer who wants to learn more about OmniMark, the Introduction to OmniMark course is the ideal starting point. It introduces the OmniMark language and execution environment, and equips attendees with practical skills for building high-performance XML/SGML content processing applications. There are two study routes – self-study (without online mentoring is offered FREE, with online mentoring is chargeable) and classroom-based (chargeable).

Self-study                           Classroom-based

Advanced OmniMark Programming

This is an intensive, classroom-based course, delivered by an experienced OmniMark trainer. Courses are run on-demand, meaning they can be run on a date and at a location to suit, which may be your own company premises. The course consists of a series of short overviews to advanced OmniMark programming concepts accompanied by hands-on programming challenges.

Download the OmniMark Self-Study course materials for free.

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OmniMark tips & techniques

Migrating legacy OmniMark programs

You can use those dependable old scripts with the newest versions of OmniMark! Discover just how simple it is to migrate your legacy applications to the current version of OmniMark.

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Pattern matching in OmniMark

This paper outlines some principles and techniques for writing more effective and efficient patterns in OmniMark. If you’re not yet, then by the end of this paper, you’ll be an OmniMark pattern guru.

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Breaking lines on your own with OmniMark

Sometimes it is preferable not to use OmniMark’s built-in line breaking. Learn why, and what to do instead from Stilo’s Senior Software Developers Jacques Légaré and Mario Blažević.

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OmniMark design principles

The unique advantages of OmniMark stem from a set of key design principles which, when brought together into one tool, deliver a powerful combination of performance and productivity.

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