Migrate is a cloud service that enables subject matter experts to automate the conversion of their content to DITA and custom XML.  It provides greater control over conversion quality, immediate turnaround times and operates on a low-cost, pay-as-you-use basis.


We have helped our customers convert more than a million pages of legacy content to DITA XML. Migrate can be used to convert a single document, with Stilo operating the service, or by global documentation teams that need to convert tens of thousands of pages of legacy content, on-demand, according to their own project deadlines.

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tick-icon Self-serve

For customers with large volumes of content to convert, we provide them with their own Migrate portal to use on a self-serve basis. Our conversion services team configures the portal, provides documentation, user training and on-going support.

IBM Sterling Commerce successfully converted over 200 FrameMaker books (20,000 pages) to DITA over a 6-week period. Migrate enabled them to deliver high-quality content more rapidly than other approaches, while reducing conversion costs and ensuring product release schedules were met.

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tick-icon Stilo-operated

Typically for customers with less than 1000 pages of content to convert, we offer the Stilo-operated service (over the wall).  Our conversion services team would work with you to agree configuration and tailoring requirements and then the converted document/s would be provided for QA and any requested refinements applied.

“The output we received was just beautiful – to get our content back so quickly and in such a polished state was fantastic, better than I ever thought possible.”

Julia Pond Information Architect Webtrends, Inc.

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Exclamation-circle-frame_greenWhether you elect to have Stilo operate the Migrate service on your behalf or take your own self-serve Migrate portal, the technology behind the service remains the same.


Converting content in the cloud

With Migrate, documents can be uploaded in a variety of source formats, including XML/SGML/HTML, AuthorIT, FrameMaker, Word, InDesign, RoboHelp and DocBook, where they are analysed, key attributes annotated, and instantly converted using pre-configured conversion rules, to any target XML.

A sophisticated Rules Editor enables subject matter experts to easily adjust the conversion rules to handle processing exceptions and incrementally improve the quality of the XML generated.

Migrate cloud convent conversion service

Migrate is available 24/7 on a pay-as-you-use basis.  It provides an attractive alternative to traditional outsourcing services and in-house solutions, combining the best of both approaches — the provision of powerful technology that places subject matter experts in control, supported in the background by Stilo’s conversion experts.

For organizations where security is a particular concern, Migrate can be deployed onsite as a fully-integrated component of an enterprise publishing solution.

Customers who use Migrate benefit from

  • A dedicated conversion portal accessible 24/7
  • Immediate turnaround times for document conversion
  • Full user control over content quality with the use of a sophisticated rules editor
  • Continuous improvements in automation, reducing the need for manual pre- and post-processing tasks
  • Pre-configured conversion pipelines, tailored to address unique publishing requirements
  • The ability to convert rich content (text, graphics, equations, tables) with a high degree of accuracy
  • A scalable solution; cost-effective for just a few hundred pages to tens of thousands of pages
  • Pay-as-you-use pricing
  • Access to a highly-skilled team of conversion experts


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