OmniMark allows developers to build efficient content conversion pipelines that support the rapid insertion of multiple content filter elements without loss of processing speed. Organizations can easily create purpose-built conversion pipelines that enable them to convert structured, semi-structured and unstructured content, even content that is unique to their business in either its format or its meaning. They can construct converging pipeline topologies that unite content from multiple sources and multiple formats, in a single fast-flowing conversion pipeline, with integrated business rule insertion.

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OmniMark streaming pipeline architecture

The modular nature of the OmniMark scalable streaming pipeline architecture means that content conversion specialists can develop plug-and-play conversion modules that can be swapped into the pipeline architecture as needed, with confidence, and without impacting the flow of the working pipeline. OmniMark offers outstanding speed, scalability and stability, regardless of the format or semantics of the content being processed or the business rules that are applied during processing, making it faster than alternative approaches for processing content and requiring far less memory and system resources to complete processing tasks.

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