Press Release – Stilo Announces Analyzer 2.0: Enabling Partner Success in the Structured Content Space

Stilo is thrilled to announce the release of Analyzer 2.0, the latest version of its popular content analysis tool.

Join Stilo at CCMS Link 2023 in Munich, Germany | May 30-31

Stilo sponsors CCMS Link 2023. Join IXIASOFT customers from across the globe, along with in-house experts, for two days of Learning. Sharing. Linking. Join us!

Stilo Speaks at ConVEx Baltimore

Stilo speaks at ConVex Baltimore 2023 with two presentations; DITA for Sales People - with Neil Thomas from Cisco and Jackson Klein, and, Avoid Mistakes - Analyze First - with Jacob Brennan.

WEBINAR | Assessing the Amount of Redundant Content in Our Documentation

Join TJ as he uses Stilo’s Analyzer 2.0 to investigate source content for hidden reuse in this webinar.

Stilo Announces Analyzer 2.0 Features and Updates

Discover the latest features and updates of Analyzer 2.0, the source content analysis tool from Stilo.

Press Release – Stilo Announces the Release of OmniMark 12: A Substantial Upgrade to its Flagship Product

Stilo Corporation, a leading provider of SGML and XML content processing solutions, is proud to announce the release of OmniMark version 12.

Stilo Announces OmniMark v12 Features

Stilo has unveiled the newest version of the high-performance content processing platform, OmniMark - version 12. Discover the latest features and updates.

Press Release – Ownership Change – Management Team Acquires Stilo Corporation From Stilo International

Stilo Corporation is thrilled to announce that the management team, comprised of Bryan Tipper (CEO) and Jackson Klein (CTO), have acquired 100% of Stilo Corporation’s shares.

LavaCon 2023| 14-17 October, San Diego

Join Stilo at LavaCon Content Strategy Conference in San Diego on October 14-17, 2023. It’s a gathering place where content professionals network with peers and build relationships that will last for years to come.

ConVEx Baltimore | 17-19 April, 2023

Join Stilo at ConVEx Baltimore 2023 on April 17-19 2023. This conference offers career-empowering knowledge, best practices, networking, practical solutions, and excellent service...

WEBINAR | Recognizing Potential Reuse in Your Content Before Conversion

One of the main benefits of using a structured format such as DITA is the ability to reuse content, but realizing where reuse is beneficial and estimating the probable savings ...

WEBINAR | Semantic markup. Why do I need it, and how do I do it?

In the past, we have produced documents with a focus on how they look when published. Page layout, font face, font size, bolding and italics have been useful ...

WEBINAR | How An Automated DITA Conversion Can Help Your Authoring Team

Join Jacob Brennan in this session as he uses Stilo’s Migrate to convert legacy content to structured DITA.

WEBINAR | What an automated DITA conversion can do for you (and what it can’t)

Join Helen St. Denis in this session as she uses Stilo’s Migrate to convert legacy content to structured DITA.

WEBINAR | How much redundant content do I really have? Actualizing the reuse in our documentation.

Join TJ Dhaliwal in this session as he uses Stilo’s Analyzer and Migrate to investigate source content for similar and exact matches.

Press Release – Release of Analyzer 1.0: Free Content Reuse Analysis Tool

OTTAWA, Ontario, November 1, 2021 - Stilo ( is excited to announce a free content reuse analysis tool, Analyzer 1.0, that enables...

WEBINAR | Analyzer 1.0 – Identifying Content Reuse

In this webinar we will demonstrate how to analyze Word content, calculate & navigate reuse potential, and generate beautiful reports estimating cost savings.

Press Release – Migrate 4.0 Introduces Exact-Match DITA Deduplication

OTTAWA, Ontario, March 8, 2021 - In an effort to maximize DITA reuse potential, Stilo adds exact-match deduplication to the latest release of its well-established cloud service.

Stilo Management Changes and Covid-19 Update 

We are pleased to announce that Bryan Tipper, formerly VP Sales & Marketing, based in our Ottawa office, has been appointed CEO and a Director of Stilo International as from April 1st.

Stilo Announces OmniMark v11

Stilo has shipped the latest release of the OmniMark high-performance content processing platform – version 11. Find out what's new.

Stilo partners with Transperfect to deliver EnCompass Rapid Prototyping Program for MDR & IVDR Content Compliance

TransPerfect partners with XML Content Conversion Specialist Stilo to Deliver 50% Labeling Cost Reduction and 100% MDR & IVDR Content Compliance.

Stilo introduces new content optimization service—DITA OptimizeR

Stilo announces the availability of a new content optimization service—DITA OptimizeR—which can automatically identify reuse potential, deduplicate topics and update your maps and conref files.

Demo recording | Migrate cloud XML content conversion service

Join Stilo’s Conversion Services Manager, Helen St. Denis, for a demo of the Migrate cloud XML content conversion service. Registration required.

Stilo extends Migrate functionality with new Author-it to DITA conversion capability

Stilo has extended the range of conversion options for its cloud XML content conversion service, Migrate, adding support for documents authored in Author-it.

Stilo releases OmniMark point release version 10.1.2

Stilo has released a new point release of the OmniMark high-performance content processing language – version 10.1.2.

Extreme Networks and Stilo to deliver joint presentation at CMS/DITA North America

Stilo is pleased to announce that the following presentation with Extreme Network’s Christina Mayr has been accepted onto the conference program for CMS/DITA North America 2016.