Stilo has recently announced the latest release of OmniMark v11 – the ultimate platform for high-performance content processing.

As Stilo strengthens its position as a leading developer of software tools and cloud services that help organizations create and process structured content in XML format, we are pleased to announce the release of OmniMark version 11. This latest release provides support for additional new platforms, as well as improvements to the language, libraries and beta-libraries. See below for the highlights.

New Platforms (Including 64-bit Support)

  • Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2016 and 2019 (64-bit)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and 8 (64-bit)

64 Bit Support

  • Available on Windows (NEW)
  • Available on Linux


  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2016 and 2019
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, 7 and 8

New in the Language

  • Abstract record types can now be declared       
  • New syntax for accessing entity properties from outside external-data-entity or external-text-entity rules
  • Declarations can now be applied to an external text entity reference events
  • A new document-type-declaration rule for working with DTD regions events

New in the Libraries

  • OMOASISCATALOGS has improved resolution of included catalogs
  • OMXMLWRITE can now encode external text entity references, and provides options to emit empty XML tags or not, and to encode character references as UTF-8 or as numeric character references
  • OMMARKUPUTILITIES allows the | operator to be used to join multiple entity-resolver instances, each behaving as a fallback for the preceding
  • OMUNICODE provides information of Unicode block boundaries

Beta Libraries

  • W3C XML Schema
  • Regular expressions
  • Serialize to SGML 

Try OmniMark for free. Request a free 60-day* evaluation copy of OmniMark.

*strictly non-production use