The Migrate Advantage

Migrate offers numerous competitive advantages in the realm of XML content conversion:

  • Instant Results and Quality Enhancement: Migrate empowers users to convert documents instantly, enhancing the quality of content without the need for prolonged interactions with conversion partners.
  • Cost Flexibility: Unlike batch conversion projects, Migrate operates on a pay-as-you-go model, allowing users to control costs effectively.
  • Personalized Conversion Portal: Migrate provides a user-friendly, personalized conversion portal tailored to specific needs, expediting the document processing workflow.
  • Robust Conversion Technology: Migrate utilizes advanced technology to address typical conversion challenges, such as complex table conversions and context-based content identification.
  • Easy-to-Use Rules Editor: The platform features a user-friendly rules editor, enabling users to adjust conversion rules without coding skills, reducing manual effort and extra charges for rule modifications.
  • Industry-Specific Capabilities: Migrate is versatile, serving various industries, including Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Software, Manufacturing, Finance, Defense, Government, and Education, facilitating transitions to structured standards.
  • Smart Validation: With high automation levels, Migrate ensures valid DITA output, minimizing human errors, and providing intelligent warnings and error messages for transparent content conversion.
  • Compliance and Security: Stilo prioritizes security compliance, offering highly secure access protocols and on-premises deployment options. All services are in-house, ensuring data security with encryption and daily backups.
  • Customer Approval: Migrate has earned recognition from industry leaders and satisfied customers, demonstrating its effectiveness in addressing unique content conversion needs.
  • Customer Facing Project Management: Migrate streamlines workflows, enhancing collaboration among teams, and providing real-time insights, ultimately leading to more efficient project delivery.
  • Industry Acceptance: Fortune 500 companies trust Stilo for content conversion, relying on Migrate to streamline content conversions during business transformations.
  • Content Enhancement: Migrate enables users to enrich content by adding information during conversion, offering customization of metadata, keys, tags, references, attributes, and more.
  • Content Clarity: Migrate adapts to source document inconsistencies, ensuring content clarity through visual cues and conversion rules.
  • Automatic Topic Deduplication: A standout feature is Migrate’s ability to automatically identify and eliminate redundant topics during conversion, improving content efficiency and quality.
  • ISO 9001 Certified: Demonstrates commitment to consistently delivering high-quality products and services, increasing customer trust, and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • ISO 27001 Certified: Assures customers and stakeholders of robust information security practices, safeguarding sensitive data, and reducing the risk of security breaches.
  • ISO 27701 Certification (ETA 2024): Shows commitment to robust privacy management practices, enhancing data protection, and building trust with customers and stakeholders regarding personal information handling.

In summary, Migrate stands out as a versatile, cost-effective, and efficient solution for XML content conversion. Its personalized approach, advanced technology, user-friendly tools, industry adaptability, compliance, and security measures make it a trusted choice for organizations aiming to streamline content conversion while maintaining quality and control.  Click for a FREE SAMPLE CONVERSION!

Special Offer (2500+ pages)


  • Targeting DITA 1.2/1.3
  • Over 2500 pages of source content (HTML, Word, FrameMaker, RoboHelp, DocBook, Flare, AuthorIt, MindTouch, or similar formats)


  • FREE Reuse Analysis of Source Content (HTML, DOCX, FrameMaker only). Includes 1-year access to our Analyzer software
  • FREE Self-Operated Conversion Portal
  • FREE 250 Conversion Credits
  • FREE Exact Topic Deduplication of DITA XML

A unique approach to XML content conversion

Migrate provides a very attractive alternative to traditional outsourced conversion services, helping team members to:

  • Convert documents on-demand, with immediate results
  • Directly improve the quality of converted content
  • Save time (and potential frustration) by avoiding the need to go back-and-forth with conversion partners for QA purposes
  • Be in full control of production schedules, with no need for the content freeze typically required in batch conversion projects
  • Reduce conversion costs
  • Operate on a pay-as-you-go basis

Get up and running quickly with your own conversion portal

We can quickly provide you with your unique conversion portal, configured according to your own sample documents and target DITA, including any specializations that might be required.

Following initial set-up, the processing of documents is very rapid and straightforward. Documents are uploaded to the Migrate portal where they are analyzed, converted and results further refined as necessary, using the Migrate Rules Editor, prior to download or export to your Component Content Management System (CCMS).

Advanced XML content conversion technology

The powerful technology behind Migrate enables it to automatically address several issues that are typically seen as a challenge in conversion, and ultimately saves a great deal of manual effort and QA activity that would otherwise be required, for example:

  • Complicated tables (with row and column spanning) are converted automatically
  • Ability to leverage context to differentiate between ‘steps in a task’ and ‘numbered lists in a reference topic’
  • Use of context and pattern matching, in addition to styling, to automatically identify and correctly mark-up inline styling
  • Automatically configure the structure of your BookMap or DITA map, or sub maps, at any level you choose
  • Access information that is not always visible in the content flow, e.g., index markers to index terms, conditional text to DITA attributes, variables to conrefs or keyrefs
  • Automatically convert FrameMaker and Word equations to MathML
  • Automatically convert FrameMaker drawings to SVG

Easy-to-use rules editor saves time and improves conversion quality

An easy-to-use, but very powerful rules editor enables team members to adjust the conversion rules to handle processing exceptions and incrementally improve the quality of the XML generated. This can help to reduce the time spent in manual pre-conversion prep and/or post-conversion clean-up.

Importantly, you don’t have to be a developer to use the rules editor—no need to write conversion scripts or understand code—just a good knowledge of your content and an idea of what you want it to look like in the output. And you can adjust the rules and re-covert the same document as many times as is required, without incurring any additional charges.

Industry Specific Capabilities

A robust solution capable of handling large bodies of diverse content including technical and non-technical subject matters such as:

Allows customers to move to a structured standard efficiently while preserving the integrity of their documentation. Users can convert different source formats to DITA all in a single self-operated portal.

Automatically deduplicate and normalize content at the topic level with built-in features to ensure optimization of your organization’s transition to a structured standard.

Smart Validation

High levels of automation eliminate human error and minimize failure points. The schema driven engine of Migrate means that 100% of conversions result in valid DITA. Intelligent warnings and error messages about your content, before and after your conversion, keep you informed during all stages of the process.

Credit reports and auditing assure you and your team maximize value. Take advantage of baskets to organize and label documentation and provide clarity amongst separate conversions. Gain access to reporting when using automatic deduplication that details information on updated references and libraries.

Compliance and Security

Stilo adheres to strict security compliance to ensure the protection of confidential content. Our cloud servers utilize highly secure access protocols allowing organizations to be at ease knowing their data is safe and secure. Upon request, we can also deploy Migrate on-premises.

All services are performed in-house by our professional staff, with no third party contracting services. Documents are encrypted during all stages of conversion and logically segregated portals ensure data isolation. Daily backups provide failsafe measures in case of extreme circumstances.

Customer Approved

Industry giant CISCO used Migrate to gain an advantage in sales initiatives by including the software in their content transformation pipeline for a project to implement an artificial intelligence marketing strategy.

Stilo’s team has provided immeasurable support for the extremely complex scenarios needed for the SPG conversion scripting.
Neil Thomas, Leader, Digital Sales Enablement
– Karthikeyan Rengasamy, Principal Architect, IT

Learn more about CISCO’s strategy and implementation of their Sales Proposal Generator (SPG) in the following whitepaper.

Check out what our other customers have to say on our Testimonials page here.

Industry Accepted

Fortune 500 companies trust Stilo with their content conversion. Migrate has continuously proven successful in helping established industry frontrunners streamline their content conversions when going through mergers, takeovers, acquisitions, and digital transitions.

Quick turnarounds help businesses stay on top of priority items and focus on what matters most.

Prioritizing incoming content along with ongoing conversions ensure optimal use of your time. Migrate has been used to convert millions of pages of content since 2008.

Enrichment and Content Clarity

Maximize and enhance your content by adding information to your data set during the conversion. The rules editor allows you to customize metadata, keys, tags, references, attributes, and inject information during your conversion.

Migrate is an adaptable tool capable of adjusting to unexpected inconsistencies in source documentations. Use of visual clues to identify content of interest, and use of conversion rules to manipulate it to your desired target. Intelligent warnings and error messages keep you informed during all stages of the process. Our expert staff are available to help at every step of the way!

Automatic, Exact Topic Deduplication

Easy Automation. Migrate now allows you to identify and eliminate redundant topics as part of the process of converting the content to DITA.

Quickly deduplicate topics. Migrate analyzes the collection and deduplicates topics that are essentially the same. The DITA maps are updated accordingly.

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Supporting Services

If you happen to experience any problems converting a particular document, we provide support 09:00 - 17:00 Eastern Time Monday to Friday from our Ottawa office. We can provide assistance in helping to further analyze documents, write new rules, or provide additional training as required.

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Available 24/7

Migrate is available 24/7 – ensuring the service is always available when your authoring teams require access, no matter where they are in the World.


Migrate operates on a pay-as-you-use basis. Conversion credits are pre-ordered and loaded onto your portal. 1 conversion credit = 1000 characters (typically 1 page in FrameMaker). Credits are counted when a document is first converted.

Self-serve portal

Customers have their own Migrate portal to use on a self-serve basis (cloud or on-premise). Stilo configure and set-up the portal, provide documentation, user training and on-going support from our conversion services team.


Maybe you don’t have the resources in-house, can’t find the time, or would just rather have someone else take care of it for you—in which case we offer the Stilo-operated service. Our conversion services team would work with you to provide a more traditional outsourced service, using the power of Stilo Migrate ourselves ‘behind the scenes’.

Migrate Users' Guide

Learn more about the Migrate Rules Editor. This guide includes step-by-step processes and detailed examples to simplify the learning process. You will be taught everything you need to know about conversion rules, including: what the rules editor is, understanding a rule set, and editing rules. You will also explore topics such as applying annotations, selecting content elements and adding tests to conditions.

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We have helped our customers convert more than a million pages of content to DITA XML over recent years, and our technology along with our accumulated experience, places us at the forefront of DITA conversion specialists.

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