When Converting RoboHelp Files, Follow These Steps:

  1. Prepare your Robohelp® project
  2. Prepare your zip file for upload (Option 1: zip the entire Robohelp project folder; Option 2: zip all HTML, XPJ, HHC, GLO and CSS files)
  3. Specify the DITA target
  4. Prepare a Migrate Rule set
  5. Convert your content to DITA XML
  6. Review your DITA using an XML editor
  7. Refine the DITA conversion by updating the rule set if necessary

Converting a RoboHelp® project to DITA is easier than you might think. Tasks, troubleshooting topics, cross references, reusable content, glossaries, conditional text, and folder structures are all accurately converted. Using rules to leverage the visual cues in the document to discern its implicit structure, Migrate will produce valid DITA XML output within a few minutes. The same set of rules can convert similar documents, and an online rules editor lets you modify the conversion so that little to no pre- or post-conversion cleanup is required.

Migrate can handle a large range of source formats including Word, FrameMaker, RoboHelp, DocBook, InDesign, Flare, and XML/SGML/HTML.