New Release

Stilo is proud to announce the latest version of its Analyzer software. Analyzer 2.0 is an interactive platform that enables organizations to identify content reuse across multiple source formats, pinpoint potential cost savings, and generate compelling & detailed graphical reports. Users are able to uncover otherwise hidden metrics to guide their projects. This latest release offers several new features and enhancements that improve usability, performance, and accuracy.

UI/UX features

  • Improved results window navigation and flexible matched content jumps
  • Added the current sequence chunk length and number of paragraphs
  • Added support for navigating overlapped sequences
  • Ability to sort matched sequence length based on frequency or length
  • Easier to navigate to different documents in collections

Multiple Pipeline Support

  • Support HTML/XHTML format analysis
  • Support Word DocX format analysis

Portal Administration

  • Support user-defined functional features composition
  • Support administrator-defined users permissions and ability to organize different
    user permission groups
  • Each company can create multiple specified portals
  • Each portal can have multiple collections
  • System admin can define their own organized permissions and assign them to
    specific users

Advanced Microservice System Architecture & Cloud-based K8S Cluster

  • Powerful Tensorflow engine service
  • Robust postgresQL database operations
  • Sped up web application response time
  • AWS EFS security Data isolation, backup and reliability
  • Support large volume throughput
  • Autoscaler supports dynamic resource control
  • Touchless hardware and VM configuration
  • Version control with encrypt data and backup

Supports Major Cloud Platform Deployments

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Can be deployed to other specific cloud services

Powerful custom configuration OEM features

  • OEM and customer tailor configuration for private cloud
  • Support automated deployments

Try Analyzer for free. Request a reuse analysis here.