Will Claxton

Product Manager
TOA Technologies

“We were only looking to convert a small number of user guides from Word format to DITA. We considered undertaking the conversion in-house, but the overall time and cost of performing the conversion would have been too high. So we approached Stilo to manage the conversion using their Migrate service. Stilo analyzed our documents, provided sample conversion results, and during a one hour review meeting, we were able to assess the output and specify our precise requirements. Stilo then reconfigured Migrate, converted our user guides, and provided us with our final DITA output in a matter of hours. Having struggled ourselves for some two weeks, with much manual effort and frustration, to convert just one short Open Office document to DITA 1.2, we were only too aware of just how long the conversion would have taken, and how we would all have been affected, had we not gone with Stilo’s Migrate.”