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Syntax #





name of the file

Purpose #

The map filename annotations are used to create nested DITA maps. DITA allows you to physically split a map into separate files. The map file name annotations are used to pin point where a new physical DITA map should start, and what its file name should be.

Typically, this annotation is applied on elements which have also had a title annotation applied.

The variations of the map file name annotations apply different filtering logic to the file name parameter. Consider the text “vegetable recipes”:

annotation description computed file name
map-filename(\*.ditamap) no filtering vegetable recipes.ditamap
map-filename-lower-case(\*.ditamap) lower case text vegetable recipes.ditamap
map-filename-words(\*.xml) replace funny charaters with an underscore vegetable_recipes.xml

The \* syntax is used within annotations to reference the full text of the current element. In the scenarios above, we can imagine that there is a paragraph element with content “vegetable recipes”.