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Syntax #



The XML element that you want to use.

Purpose #

This annotation is used when you require a specific element in a given place, but there is no other way to open the element. If the element is open already, proceed-with() will keep this element open until required to close it. If the element specified in the argument is not open at this point, it will be opened. This cannot be used to begin a new topic, but can be used with non-topic elements so long as they are not nested.


This is an example of how you would use the proceed-with() annotation. This document has an image with a title that is in a step.

This is an example of what your proceed-with() rule may look like.

This is an example of how your output could look like after conversion.

  <cmd outputclass="ID-000003d7">
  To use an existing PEM format key pair, click Browse for Existing Key to navigate
  to the public key of the pair you want to use. To create a new…
  <p><image href="image1.png" width="1.773cm" height="1.798cm"/> Figure 1Browse button</p>