How to Convert SGML to XML

  1. Take our self-study “Introduction to OmniMark” training course (materials and labs available upon request at which will teach you to:
    • work effectively with the core capabilities of OmniMark
    • use OmniMark’s powerful pattern-matching capabilities for text processing and converting content into XML/SGML
    • use OmniMark’s markup parser to validate XML/SGML markup
    • use OmniMark to process and enrich XML/SGML content prior to publication
  2. Write code to create an SGML to XML data conversion program
  3. Debug your program
  4. Run your program using OmniMark
  5. Retrieve the output results from your SGML to XML conversion program

The OmniMark streaming model can make an application more efficient, reusable, and scalable to large volumes of data.

OmniMark supports incremental input processing through its rule-based execution model. As events are recognized in the input, rules are executed to process them.

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