Digital Standards

Maintain and update standards simultaneously using our cloud-based software.

Manage and convert private or public-facing information with confidence and efficiency.

Adhere to specializations and regulatory requirements using your customized and tailored portal.

Implement digital content deliverables using a structured standard for your new and legacy source formats.

Detailed Reporting

Credit reports and auditing assure you and your team maximize value.

Tight layers of validation ensure valid DITA 100% of the time.

Access information that is not always visible in the content flow with our easy-to-use Rules Editor.

Secure access protocols ensure privacy and highly sensitive industries or projects can request an on-premises deployment of  Migrate.

Overcome Challenges

Automatically address several issues that are typically seen in this industry as a challenge in conversion:

  • Complicated tables (with row and column spanning) are converted automatically
  • Configure the structure of your BookMap or DITA map, or sub-maps, at any level you choose
  • Access information that is not always visible in the content flow, e.g., index markers to index terms, conditional text to DITA attributes, variables to conrefs or keyrefs

Preserve resources with unlimited reconversions.

Automatic, Exact Topic Deduplication

Easy Automation. Migrate now allows you to identify and eliminate redundant topics as part of the process of converting the content to DITA.

Quickly deduplicate topics. Migrate analyzes the collection and deduplicates topics that are essentially the same. The DITA maps are updated accordingly.

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