Provide Clarity

Ensure a clear delivery of complex processes through a digital medium using a structured standard.

Migrate helps transform legacy, bulky, manuals into optimized reusable content sets allowing your business to leverage the information that matters.

Adhere to specializations and regulatory requirements using your customized and tailored portal.

Adaptable and Concise

Our solutions provide tight consistency across conversion projects for clear output.

Whether it’s legacy spec sheets for product lines, or content to be ingested by an AI, Migrate will help you reach your structured content goals.

With over 30 years of XML content manipulation experience, our Omnimark XML processing language provides the foundation for our tools, continually improving thanks to our expert in-house development team.

Unlock the Potential of Your Content

Overcome the challenges of converting complex table structures, references, links, ID’s, code blocks, and formulas with ease using the flexible Rules Editor.

  • Automated QA checkpoints ensure alerting any potential problems before they occur.
  • Tight layers of validation ensure valid DITA 100% of the time.
  • Ability to leverage context to differentiate between ‘steps in a task’ and ‘numbered lists in a reference topic’.
  • Automatically convert FrameMaker and Word equations to MathML, and FrameMaker drawings to SVG.

Normalize your content using the free topic deduplication feature and automatic referencing.

Automatic, Exact Topic Deduplication

Easy Automation. Migrate now allows you to identify and eliminate redundant topics as part of the process of converting the content to DITA.

Quickly deduplicate topics. Migrate analyzes the collection and deduplicates topics that are essentially the same. The DITA maps are updated accordingly.

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