Join us at ConVEx Tempe 2022 an immersive experience for Content Developers

Be a part of innovating the future as we celebrate the return of in-person conferences in Arizona!

The goal is to incorporate some of the fantastic lessons we’ve learned in the past 2 years. You’re going to see a lot of new things in 2022! Some things however, remain the same. We can assure you that the career-empowering knowledge, practices, networking, practical solutions, and great service will continue.

This event offers you a wealth of ideas and information to support your efforts in defining and executing a comprehensive content strategy.

Keep an eye out for Helen’s talk: “From MS Word to Really Useful DITA” and learn about how teams can get the benefits of DITA right away on conversion from their Microsoft Word source content.

We’re excited to see you in person again in 2022!

Visit the conference website for further information and to register.