Are there conventions for linking construction terminology definitions within DITA content?

Linking construction terminology definitions within DITA content follows specific conventions to ensure clarity and consistency in documentation. These conventions help authors reference and maintain terminology definitions seamlessly throughout their documents.

Linking to Glossary Entries

One common convention is to link to glossary entries when referring to specific construction terms or abbreviations. In DITA XML, this can be achieved by using the <glossterm> element within the content and specifying the glossary entry’s id attribute as the value. This links the term in the document to its corresponding definition in the glossary.


Here’s an example of how to link to a glossary entry within DITA content:

Construction workers must ensure a solid  for the building's stability.

In this example, the term “foundation” is linked to the glossary entry with the id="foundation". When rendered, it will provide a hyperlink to the glossary definition, allowing readers to access detailed information about the term.