Are there conventions for linking manufacturing terminology definitions within DITA content?

Linking manufacturing terminology definitions within DITA content is a crucial aspect of creating structured and informative documentation. It ensures that users can easily access and understand the terms used in the manufacturing domain. DITA provides conventions for linking these definitions, offering a standardized approach that enhances content clarity and accessibility.

Keyref Elements

DITA utilizes the <keyref> element to link to manufacturing terminology definitions. This element allows authors to reference a specific term or definition stored in a separate glossary or terminology topic. By using keyref elements, you can maintain consistency in terminology usage across different documents. When a term changes or is updated, you only need to modify the definition in one place, ensuring that all references are automatically updated throughout the content.


Here’s an example of how DITA uses keyref elements to link to manufacturing terminology definitions:

<topic id="assembly_process">
  <title>Assembly Process</title>
    <p>In the <keyref keyref="quality_control_term"/> phase, it is essential to maintain strict standards.

</body> </topic> <glossary> <topic id="quality_control_term"> <title>Quality Control</title> <body> <p>Quality control is the process of ensuring that products meet established standards and specifications.</p> </body> </topic>

In this example, the term “Quality Control” is linked within the “Assembly Process” topic using a keyref element, providing a consistent and easily updatable reference to the definition stored in the glossary.