Are there conventions for naming anchors in DITA topics?

In DITA XML, naming conventions for anchors are essential for maintaining consistency and making it easier to manage and understand the structure of your content. While DITA itself doesn’t enforce strict naming conventions for anchors, it’s highly recommended to adopt a systematic approach. This helps authors, editors, and other stakeholders work collaboratively and maintain the integrity of the documentation. Common conventions for naming anchors include using descriptive and meaningful names that reflect the content being linked.

Here’s an example of anchor naming conventions:

<!-- Example: Anchor Naming Conventions -->
<p>This topic discusses DITA XML best practices for anchor naming.</p>
<anchor id="descriptive-name" />
<p>When creating anchors, use names that are concise and relevant, like <xref href="#descriptive-name" />.</p>

In this example, the anchor is named “descriptive-name” to clearly indicate its purpose. The naming convention emphasizes using descriptive, meaningful names to help authors and readers understand the context of the anchor. This practice enhances the usability and maintainability of DITA documentation.