Are there core DITA topic types that every documentation project should use?

Within DITA, there are core topic types that provide a foundation for organizing and presenting content in documentation projects. While not every documentation project is required to use all of these core topic types, they serve as a basis for creating comprehensive and well-structured documentation.

The core DITA topic types are tasks, concepts, references, and glossaries.

Task Topic

Task topics are used to provide step-by-step instructions for completing a specific action or task. They typically include elements like titles, steps, prerequisites, and post-requisites. Task topics are crucial for guiding users through procedures.

            <title>Installing Software</title>
                    <step>Download the software installer.</step>
                    <step>Run the installer and follow on-screen instructions.</step>
                    <step>Complete the installation process.</step>

Concept Topic

Concept topics explain underlying principles, theories, or concepts relevant to the subject matter. They help users understand the “why” and “what” behind certain processes or features.

            <title>Data Encryption</title>
                <p>Data encryption is a process of converting plain text into ciphertext to secure sensitive information.</p>
                <p>It helps protect data from unauthorized access and ensures confidentiality.</p>

Reference Topic

Reference topics provide detailed information about specific elements, features, or settings. They serve as a comprehensive reference guide for users who need in-depth information.

            <title>Software Settings</title>
                    <title>General Settings</title>
                    <p>General settings allow you to configure basic preferences for the software.</p>
                    <!-- Additional details and subsections -->
                <!-- More sections and details -->

Glossary Topic

Glossary topics define terms, acronyms, or jargon used in the documentation. They provide clear and concise explanations to ensure users understand specialized terminology.

            <title>Glossary of Terms</title>
                <glossdef>An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of rules and protocols for building and interacting with software applications.</glossdef>
            <!-- More glossary entries -->