Are there guidelines for involving subject matter experts (SMEs) and safety officers in DITA-based construction content reviews?

When involving subject matter experts (SMEs) and safety officers in DITA-based construction content reviews, it’s essential to establish clear guidelines and processes to ensure effective collaboration and feedback integration. Here’s how these guidelines can be structured:

Roles and Responsibilities

Define the roles and responsibilities of SMEs and safety officers in the review process. Specify their tasks, such as content evaluation, safety compliance checks, and documentation of potential hazards. This clarity ensures that each stakeholder understands their role and contributes effectively to the review.

Review Workflow

Outline a structured review workflow that details the sequence of review stages and the handover of documents between team members. Specify the checkpoints where SMEs and safety officers should intervene and provide feedback. This workflow helps streamline the review process, ensuring that all relevant aspects are covered.

Feedback Documentation

Provide guidelines on how feedback and comments should be documented within DITA documents. Encourage the use of standardized tags or elements for comments, making it easy to track and address them. Ensure that feedback includes clear descriptions of issues, suggestions for improvements, and references to safety regulations or standards.


Here’s an example demonstrating how guidelines for involving SMEs and safety officers in DITA-based construction content reviews can be structured:

<guidelines id="construction_content_review">
  <title>Construction Content Review Guidelines</title>
      <title>Subject Matter Expert (SME)</title>
        <task>Evaluate technical accuracy.</task>
        <task>Ensure compliance with industry standards.</task>
      <title>Safety Officer</title>
        <task>Review content for safety hazards.</task>
        <task>Verify compliance with safety regulations.</task>
    <stage>Technical Review</stage>
    <stage>Safety Compliance Check</stage>
    <stage>Final Review</stage>

In this example, the guidelines specify roles, review stages, and feedback documentation standards, ensuring a systematic and effective review process for construction content in DITA.