Are there guidelines for involving subject matter experts (SMEs) in DITA-based manufacturing documentation reviews?

Involving subject matter experts (SMEs) in DITA-based manufacturing documentation reviews is a critical step in ensuring the accuracy and quality of the content. To streamline this process and make it effective, organizations can follow specific guidelines and best practices:

Early Engagement

It’s essential to involve SMEs early in the documentation process. By engaging SMEs from the beginning, you can benefit from their domain expertise and ensure that the content is aligned with the subject matter. This early involvement helps in avoiding major revisions later in the documentation process.

Structured Feedback

Provide SMEs with a structured format for giving feedback. DITA allows the use of <revremark> elements to capture specific comments and feedback. When SMEs use this structured format, it’s easier for content creators to understand, address, and implement their suggestions. This approach promotes efficiency in the review process.


Here’s an example of how SMEs can provide structured feedback in DITA-based manufacturing documentation:

  <author>Dr. Smith</author>
  <text>Clarify the torque specifications for the assembly.</text>

In this example, Dr. Smith, an SME, has provided specific feedback about clarifying torque specifications. This structured format makes it easy for content creators to understand and address the comment.