Are there guidelines for involving subject matter experts (SMEs) in DITA-based medical documentation reviews?

Involving subject matter experts (SMEs) in DITA-based medical documentation reviews is a crucial step to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the content. SMEs bring their expertise to validate medical information and provide valuable feedback. Guidelines for engaging SMEs in this process are essential to streamline the review and approval workflow effectively.

Here is an example of how to involve SMEs using DITA XML. You can create a specific <smecomment> element to capture feedback from SMEs:

<!-- Subject Matter Expert Comment in DITA XML -->
  <p><author>Dr. Johnson</author>: This section requires more information about recent research findings.</p>

These comments should include the name of the author (the SME), the nature of the comment, and any specific recommendations. This structured approach makes it easier to track and address the feedback efficiently. Content creators and managers can respond to these comments directly within the XML document, ensuring a clear trail of communication between SMEs and content creators.

Having guidelines in place for SME involvement, including the use of standardized elements like <smecomment>, helps ensure that their expertise is effectively utilized in the review process, ultimately improving the quality and accuracy of medical documentation.