Are there industry-specific indexing considerations for automotive or manufacturing documentation in DITA?

Indexing considerations for DITA documentation in the automotive or manufacturing industry include:

Technical Jargon: Indexing of industry-specific technical terms and jargon used in automotive or manufacturing documentation.

Parts and Components: Indexing of various parts, components, and assemblies for easy navigation.

Process Documentation: Indexing of manufacturing processes and procedures, ensuring that users can find information about production methods.


In an automotive manufacturing DITA project, there is a strong focus on indexing technical jargon specific to vehicle manufacturing. Parts, components, and assemblies are extensively indexed to help users quickly locate information about various vehicle parts. Detailed indexing of manufacturing processes ensures that users can easily access production-related content.

<!– Example of DITA indexing for automotive or manufacturing content –>

  <title>Automotive & Manufacturing Index</title>
    <primary>Technical Jargon</primary>
    <primary>Parts and Components</primary>
    <primary>Process Documentation</primary>

In this example, indexing for automotive and manufacturing DITA documentation focuses on technical terms, parts, components, and manufacturing processes.