Are there mechanisms for users to suggest additional index entries or corrections?

Facilitating user contributions to index entries and corrections is a valuable approach to enhancing the quality and comprehensiveness of DITA indexes. Users who are actively engaged with documentation often have insights into the terminology and concepts that are most relevant to them. Here’s how mechanisms for user input can be integrated into DITA indexes:

User-Generated Suggestions

One method is to provide a user-friendly interface or a dedicated form where users can suggest additional index entries or corrections. This can be a web-based form integrated into your documentation portal. Users can submit their suggestions, which are then reviewed and, if appropriate, incorporated into the index. This crowd-sourced approach taps into the collective knowledge of your user community.

Community Feedback Integration

Another strategy is to leverage community-driven feedback platforms. Many organizations use forums or discussion boards where users can discuss documentation-related topics. You can actively participate in these forums, monitor discussions, and extract valuable suggestions for index improvements. By actively engaging with your user community, you can ensure that the index reflects their evolving needs.


Here’s an example illustrating how user-generated suggestions can be incorporated into a DITA index:

<index id="user_suggestions_index">
  <title>User Suggestions Index</title>
  <entry>Search Terms</entry>
  <entry>Additional Concepts</entry>

In this simplified example, user-generated suggestions in the form of “Additional Concepts” and “Clarifications” have been incorporated into the index. This reflects the active involvement of the user community in shaping the index’s content to better serve their information retrieval needs.