Are there specializations for multimedia and interactive content in DITA?

Yes, DITA offers specializations for multimedia and interactive content. These specializations enable content creators to address the unique requirements of multimedia-rich and interactive content types. Some common specializations in this category include:

Media Specialization: Media specializations are designed for content that includes multimedia elements such as images, audio, video, and interactive media. These specializations introduce elements and attributes to manage and present multimedia content effectively.

eLearning Specialization: eLearning specializations focus on content intended for educational or training purposes. They provide elements and structures for creating interactive lessons, quizzes, assessments, and other eLearning materials.

Web and Mobile Specialization: These specializations are tailored for content that targets web and mobile platforms. They ensure content is optimized for online delivery, responsive design, and mobile user experiences.

These multimedia and interactive specializations expand the versatility of DITA, making it suitable for a wide range of content types, including user guides with embedded videos, eLearning courses, interactive documentation, and more.


In an eLearning specialization, you can use elements like <quiz-question> to create interactive quiz questions within your DITA content, providing an engaging learning experience.

<quiz-question type="multiple-choice">
  <question>What is the capital of France?</question>