Are there standardized DITA specialization profiles for agricultural technical documentation?

DITA specialization profiles for agricultural technical documentation provide standardized frameworks tailored to the unique needs of the agricultural industry. These profiles define document types, elements, attributes, and rules that ensure compliance with specific agricultural standards, practices, and regulations. While there might not be a single universal profile, various organizations and consortia have developed specialized DITA profiles to address different aspects of agricultural documentation.

Organic Farming Profile

One example of a DITA specialization profile is the “Organic Farming Profile.” This profile is designed to meet the documentation requirements for organic farming certifications and standards. It includes specialized document types for organic crop certification, elements for capturing crop details, certification body information, and compliance status. This profile helps agricultural organizations create documentation that aligns with organic farming regulations.

Farm Equipment Safety Profile

Another specialized DITA profile relevant to agriculture is the “Farm Equipment Safety Profile.” This profile focuses on safety documentation for farm equipment, ensuring compliance with safety standards and guidelines. It defines document types for equipment manuals, elements for safety instructions, maintenance procedures, and equipment specifications. By adhering to this profile, agricultural equipment manufacturers can produce documentation that prioritizes safety and compliance.


Here’s an example of a specialized DITA profile for organic farming:

<!DOCTYPE specialization PUBLIC "-//AGRICULTURE//DTD SPECIALIZED DITA PROFILE//EN" "agriculture_specialization.dtd">

    <name>Organic Farming Profile</name>
    <description>A DITA profile for organic farming documentation</description>
      <document-type name="Organic Certification" base="topic">
        <description>Document for organic farming certification.</description>
        <element ref="organic-info"/>
      <element name="organic-info">
        <description>Information about organic farming certification.</description>
          <attribute name="crop-type" type="string" required="yes"/>
          <attribute name="certification-body" type="string" required="yes"/>
          <attribute name="certification-date" type="date" required="yes"/>
          <attribute name="compliance-status" type="string" values="Approved, Denied" required="yes"/>

In this example, the “Organic Farming Profile” defines a document type for “Organic Certification” and specialized elements and attributes to capture information required for organic farming certification documentation.