Are there standardized templates or schemas for DITA specializations in government content?

Government agencies often require standardized templates or schemas when creating DITA specializations for their content. These templates ensure consistency, adherence to government-specific guidelines, and efficient content creation and management.

Standardized Templates

Government-specific DITA specializations often rely on standardized templates. These templates provide a predefined structure that includes essential elements, attributes, and metadata specific to government content. Standardized templates ensure that government documentation follows a consistent format, making it easier for authors to create content that aligns with regulatory requirements.

Schema Development

Another approach involves schema development. Government agencies may create their own custom DTDs or XML Schemas to define the structure of their specialized content. These schemas are tailored to the agency’s specific needs and requirements, ensuring that content adheres to the agency’s standards. Schema development offers a high degree of customization and control over the content structure.


Here’s an example of a standardized template for a government-specific DITA specialization:

  <title>Government Document</title>
  <classification level="confidential" />

In this example, the <government-report> template includes elements for the document title, classification level, compliance information, and custom content sections. Authors can use this standardized template as a foundation for creating government-specific DITA content, ensuring consistency and compliance with agency requirements.