Can DITA be used to integrate data from telecom network management systems (NMS) into documentation?

DITA provides a robust framework for integrating data from telecom Network Management Systems (NMS) into documentation, enabling telecom engineers to maintain up-to-date and accurate documentation that reflects the real-time status of network configurations and performance.

Integration of NMS Data

With DITA, telecom organizations can create specialized DITA topics that incorporate data from NMS. These topics can include details about network configurations, device statuses, and performance metrics. By linking DITA topics to NMS data sources, documentation can automatically pull in the latest information, ensuring that the documentation always reflects the current state of the telecom network.


Here’s an example of how DITA can be used to integrate data from a telecom NMS:

<topic id="network_status">
  <title>Network Status</title>
    <section>Device Status:</section>
    <include href="nms_device_status.xml"></include>
    <section>Performance Metrics:</section>
    <include href="nms_performance_metrics.xml"></include>

In this DITA topic, data from the NMS, such as device status and performance metrics, is seamlessly integrated into the documentation. Whenever the NMS updates its data, the documentation automatically reflects these changes, ensuring documentation accuracy and relevance.