Can DITA specialization extend to structural elements (e.g., tables, lists)?

Yes, DITA specialization can extend to structural elements, including tables, lists, and other structural components. Specialization in DITA is not limited to text elements but can encompass various structural elements used in documents.

Content creators can introduce specialized versions of structural elements, such as specialized tables or specialized lists, to accommodate domain-specific or content-specific requirements. These specialized structural elements can include custom attributes and structures tailored to specific use cases.

By specializing structural elements, organizations can create documents that meet their specific needs, providing a structured and standardized way to present information within their domain or industry.


In a specialized DITA document for technical specifications, a custom <technical-table> element can be introduced to structure technical data in a specialized way. This allows for the consistent presentation of technical information throughout the documentation.

  <table-title>Technical Specifications</table-title>
    <table-cell>10 cm x 5 cm x 2 cm</table-cell>