Can DITA support interactive patient education experiences and quizzes?

Yes, DITA provides a framework to support interactive patient education experiences and quizzes. This is particularly valuable in healthcare to engage patients, assess their knowledge, and provide a more dynamic and informative learning experience. Here’s how DITA can facilitate interactive patient education content:

1. Topic Types for Interactivity: DITA offers different topic types, including concepts, tasks, and references, that can be leveraged for interactive content. For instance, you can create a “Quiz” topic type to structure quiz questions and answers. This enables the creation of interactive quizzes within patient education materials.


Below is an example of a DITA “Quiz” topic with quiz questions and answer choices. The structure allows you to easily create interactive quizzes:

  <question>What is the capital of France?</question>
  <answer correct="yes">Paris</answer>
  <answer>New York</answer>

2. Hyperlinks for Navigation: DITA’s hyperlinking capabilities enable you to connect different topics within your content. This is useful for creating branching scenarios where patients can navigate through educational materials based on their responses to quiz questions.


You can include hyperlinks to guide patients to specific sections based on their quiz answers. For instance:

<question>What should you do if you have a fever?</question>
<answer correct="yes"><link href="fever_management.dita">Follow our fever management guide</link></answer>
<answer><link href="consult_doctor.dita">Consult a doctor for guidance</link></answer>

3. Conditional Text: DITA allows you to use conditional processing attributes to show or hide content based on specific conditions. This can be employed to provide feedback to patients after quiz questions or dynamically adjust the content based on their knowledge level.


Using conditional text, you can show different feedback based on whether a patient answers a quiz question correctly or not:

<question>What is the main symptom of a cold?</question>
<answer correct="yes">Correct! A runny nose is a common symptom of a cold.</answer>
<answer correct="no">That's not quite right. A runny nose is a common symptom of a cold.</answer>

By employing these DITA features, healthcare organizations can create engaging and educational patient experiences with interactive quizzes and dynamic content tailored to the patient’s responses.