Can DITA support real-time updates and synchronization of government terminology databases?

DITA supports real-time updates and synchronization of government terminology databases, allowing organizations to ensure that their documentation is always current and consistent with the latest terminology standards. This capability is especially important in government contexts where precision and accuracy are paramount.

Terminology Synchronization

In DITA, government agencies can set up automated processes for terminology synchronization. When a change or update occurs in the terminology database, these changes can be automatically reflected in the DITA content. This ensures that the most current terminology is used in documents without manual intervention. Here’s an example:

  <termref keyref="acronym-it" />
  <termref keyref="gov-term-1" />
  <termref keyref="gov-term-2" />

Real-Time Integration

Real-time integration between DITA and terminology databases enables immediate updates. Whenever a new term is added or an existing one is modified in the terminology database, it’s instantly available for use within DITA content. This eliminates the risk of using outdated or incorrect terminology and ensures compliance with government standards.


Here’s an example demonstrating how DITA can support real-time terminology updates:

  <termref keyref="acronym-gov" />
  <termref keyref="gov-term-3" />
  <termref keyref="gov-term-4" />

In this example, the <sync> element is used to link to specific government terms, and any updates to these terms in the terminology database are automatically reflected in the DITA content in real time, ensuring consistency and accuracy.