Can DITA support version control for images?

DITA can support version control for images by integrating with version control systems or digital asset management systems (DAM). These systems allow for managing different versions of images, track changes, and ensure that the correct image versions are used in the documentation.

Version control for images in DITA is essential to maintain consistency and accuracy in documentation, especially in dynamic environments where images may need updates or changes. This process involves integration with a version control system, image versioning, reference in DITA topics, and history and rollback.

Integration with Version Control Systems

DITA projects can be integrated with version control systems like Git, SVN, or digital asset management systems (DAM). These systems are designed to manage and track changes in digital assets, including images.

Image Versioning

When a new image is added or an existing one is modified, the system creates a new version of the image. Each version is tagged with a unique identifier, timestamp, or version number.

Reference in DITA Topics

In DITA topics, images are referenced by file paths or URLs. Version control systems ensure that the correct version of the image is referenced in the documentation. When an image is referenced, the desired version is specified.

History and Rollback

The history of changes can be viewed for each image and, if needed, roll back to a previous version. This is especially valuable when errors are detected, or when documentation needs to be aligned with specific software versions.


A software company uses DITA for its documentation. They have a user manual that includes screenshots of their software’s user interface. Each screenshot is stored in a DAM system that integrates with their DITA CMS.

  • When they release a new software version, the screenshots are updated to reflect the changes in the user interface.
  • The DAM system automatically creates new versions of the images, preserving the old versions for reference.
  • In their DITA topics, references to these screenshots specify the version number or timestamp of the image to ensure they match the software version.