Can DITA topics contain multiple cross-references?

Indeed, DITA topics can contain multiple cross-references, allowing for versatile linking to various sections or topics within your documentation. This capability provides document creators with the flexibility to connect different parts of content, enhancing the document’s navigational structure and user experience. You can create numerous cross-references within a single DITA topic to guide readers to specific locations or related information scattered throughout your documentation.

For example, you may have a DITA topic that describes a product’s features and functionality. Within this topic, you can create multiple cross-references to related sections or topics that provide in-depth information about each feature. Here is a sample of how you can create multiple cross-references in a DITA topic:

<p>For more details, refer to the following:
  <xref href="feature1.dita">Feature 1</xref>,
  <xref href="feature2.dita">Feature 2</xref>,
  <xref href="feature3.dita">Feature 3</xref>.

In this example, each “xref” element points to a different DITA topic (“feature1.dita,” “feature2.dita,” and “feature3.dita”), allowing readers to navigate to detailed information about each feature without leaving the current topic. This approach is invaluable for keeping related content accessible and interconnected, providing a more comprehensive understanding of your documentation.