Can manufacturing organizations create customized glossaries and terminology databases in DITA?

Manufacturing organizations can indeed create customized glossaries and terminology databases in DITA to effectively manage and ensure consistency in their technical documentation. DITA’s flexibility allows for the development of specialized glossaries tailored to the unique terminology needs of the manufacturing sector.

Custom Glossaries

Manufacturers can define their custom glossaries by creating specialized DITA topics to house terms and their corresponding definitions. For example, if a manufacturing company frequently uses industry-specific abbreviations, acronyms, or technical jargon, these can be documented in a custom glossary. Each term can have a dedicated topic, ensuring clarity and uniform usage throughout the organization’s documentation.

Linking and Referencing

These custom glossaries can be conveniently linked or referenced from other DITA topics or documents, ensuring that consistent terminology is employed in various documents. This approach is instrumental in preventing misunderstandings and inaccuracies caused by inconsistent use of manufacturing-specific terms and abbreviations.


Here’s an example of a customized DITA glossary:

  <topic id="cnc_machining">
    <title>CNC Machining</title>
    <definition>Computer Numerical Control</definition>
  <topic id="plc_system">
    <title>PLC System</title>
    <definition>Programmable Logic Controller</definition>

In this example, a custom DITA glossary is created for manufacturing terminology, with dedicated topics for specific terms and their definitions. This ensures that manufacturing documentation remains clear, consistent, and accurate.