Can organizations create their own specialized DITA domains?

Yes, organizations can create their own specialized DITA domains to address specific content requirements. DITA is designed to be highly customizable, allowing organizations to define their own domains, subject schemes, elements, and attributes. Creating a specialized domain involves:

Domain Definition: Organizations define the specific domain or subject area for which they need specialized content elements. This could be related to the industry they operate in, the type of content they produce, or other unique requirements.

Element and Attribute Definition: Within the specialized domain, organizations can introduce custom DITA elements and attributes that serve the content needs of that domain. These elements can represent domain-specific concepts, terminology, or structures.

Subject Scheme Customization: Organizations can customize the subject scheme map to categorize topics within the specialized domain according to their requirements. This helps in effective content organization and retrieval.

Documentation: It’s essential to document the specialized domain, including its elements, attributes, and subject scheme. Proper documentation guides content creators and ensures that the specialized domain is used effectively.

By creating specialized domains, organizations can tailor DITA to their specific needs, making it a versatile framework for a wide range of industries and content types.


In a specialized domain for medical documentation, custom elements like <medical-procedure> and <drug-interaction> are introduced. These elements are used to address domain-specific content requirements in the healthcare industry.

  <description>Description of a medical procedure.</description>
  <steps>Step-by-step instructions for the procedure.</steps>

  <description>Information about drug interactions.</description>
  <medications>List of medications and their interactions.</medications>