Can organizations define their own mapping rules and guidelines for DITA specializations?

Mapping Relationships Documentation in DITA Specializations: To maintain transparency and consistency in DITA specializations, mapping relationships are documented comprehensively. This documentation outlines how source DITA elements relate to target elements in different output formats, ensuring that content creators understand and adhere to mapping guidelines.

Typically, mapping documentation includes mapping tables, rules, and explanations of how each DITA element is transformed during the mapping process. These resources assist content creators in effectively customizing and transforming content elements for specialized purposes.


In the documentation for a specialized DITA project for software documentation, a mapping table illustrates how the source DITA element <code-example> is mapped to HTML and PDF output formats. This documentation ensures that content creators understand how code examples are transformed for different audiences.

<!-- Mapping Documentation for Code Examples -->
<section id="code-example-mapping">
  <h2>Mapping <code-example> Elements</h2>
  <p>These tables document the mapping relationships for <code-example> elements.</p>
        <th>Source DITA Element</th>
        <th>HTML Mapping</th>
        <th>PDF Mapping</th>
        <td><div class="code"></td>
        <td><paragraph style="code"></td>
      <!-- More mapping relationships -->