Can specialized elements and attributes be used in combination with each other in DITA?

Yes, specialized elements and attributes in DITA can be used in combination with each other to create highly tailored and domain-specific content structures. The flexibility of DITA allows content creators to utilize specialized elements and attributes in a modular and customizable manner. This means that within a DITA document, you can employ multiple specialized elements and attributes to represent the content effectively.

Using specialized elements and attributes in combination allows content creators to capture complex domain-specific information. Elements can encapsulate different content types, while attributes provide additional context and details. The combination of specialized components enables content creators to address a wide range of content requirements within a specific domain or subject area.


In a specialized DITA document for scientific research, content creators can use specialized elements like <experiment> to represent experiments and <result> to present experimental results. Additionally, they can apply attributes such as @experiment-date to specify the date of the experiment and @experiment-location to indicate where the experiment took place. This combination of elements and attributes allows for comprehensive and domain-specific representation of scientific research data.