<codeblock>: How do you utilize the <codeblock> element to display code or program listings in DITA topics?

The <codeblock> element in DITA is used to display code or program listings within DITA topics. It is essential for effectively presenting code snippets, examples, or other programming-related content. To utilize the <codeblock> element, follow these guidelines:


Inside the <codeblock> element, include the actual code or program listing that you want to display. This content should be properly formatted with appropriate code syntax highlighting if needed. You can use the <codeblock> element for various programming languages, scripts, or markup languages.

Language Specification

To enhance readability and facilitate proper rendering, specify the programming language or syntax used in the codeblock by adding the outputclass attribute with a value indicating the language or syntax. This helps both readers and tools understand and format the code correctly.


Here’s an example of how to use the <codeblock> element in DITA to display a Python code snippet:

<codeblock outputclass="python">
def greet(name):
    print(f"Hello, {name}!")


In this example, the <codeblock> element contains a Python code snippet. The outputclass attribute specifies the language as “python,” ensuring that the code is appropriately formatted and highlighted for Python programming.