How are steps, substeps, and preconditions organized in task topics?

Preconditions, steps, and substeps are organized in a structured manner to provide clear, well-ordered instructions for completing a task. This organization ensures that users can follow the instructions effectively and efficiently.


Preconditions, or prerequisites, are conditions or requirements that must be met before users can start following the steps of a task. They provide essential context to ensure that users have the necessary resources, information, or conditions in place to complete the task successfully. Preconditions are typically found at the beginning of a DITA task topic.


            <p>Before you begin, make sure you have the following:</p>
                <li>A valid email address</li>
                <li>Access to the internet</li>


Steps are the primary actions or instructions that users need to follow to complete a task. They represent the sequential order of actions and are often numbered or bulleted for clarity. Each step should be concise and focused on a single action.


            <step>Step 1: Open the software application.</step>
            <step>Step 2: Click the "File" menu.</step>
            <step>Step 3: Select "Open" from the dropdown menu.</step>


Substeps are used to break down complex actions or decisions within a single step into smaller, more manageable components. They are typically indented or nested under their parent step. Substeps provide additional granularity when needed.


            <step>Step 1: Configure your device settings.</step>
                <substep>Substep 1.1: Open the "Settings" menu.</substep>
                <substep>Substep 1.2: Select "Network Settings."</substep>
                <substep>Substep 1.3: Choose "Wi-Fi Options."</substep>
            <step>Step 2: Connect to the Wi-Fi network.</step>

Organizing preconditions, steps, and substeps in this structured manner helps ensure that task instructions are easy to follow, understand, and execute. It also facilitates the maintenance and updating of task topics as changes or improvements are needed.