How do construction companies ensure that localized content retains the same technical accuracy as the source content?

Maintaining technical accuracy when localizing construction content is paramount to ensure that safety and quality standards are upheld across different regions. Construction companies employ several strategies to guarantee that the localized content retains the same technical accuracy as the source content.

Subject Matter Experts

One of the key methods is involving subject matter experts (SMEs) in the localization process. SMEs possess in-depth knowledge of construction practices, regulations, and standards. They review and validate the localized content to ensure it aligns with the technical accuracy of the source material. These experts help identify and rectify any discrepancies or inaccuracies that may arise during the localization process.

Quality Assurance Checks

Construction companies implement stringent quality assurance checks as part of their localization workflow. These checks involve a comprehensive review of the localized content by experienced professionals who are well-versed in construction terminology and practices. Automated tools can also be utilized to identify potential discrepancies in technical content, such as inconsistencies in measurements, units, or terminology. These checks help maintain the technical integrity of the content.


Here’s an example of how quality assurance checks can be integrated into DITA for construction content localization:

<topic id="safety_guidelines" translate="yes" xml_lang="en-US">
  <title>Safety Guidelines</title>
  <section id="fall_protection">
    <title>Fall Protection</title>

<note type="caution">Please consult with local safety authorities for region-specific fall protection requirements.</note> </section> <section id="emergency_evacuation"> <title>Emergency Evacuation</title> <p>...

<note type="caution">Local emergency evacuation procedures may differ. Follow local guidelines for your region.</note> </section> <qa-checks> <check type="measurement_units" /> <check type="terminology_consistency" /> </qa-checks>

In this example, quality assurance checks are introduced in the form of a <qa-checks> element, which verifies measurement units and terminology consistency in the localized content to maintain technical accuracy.