How do organizations ensure that multimedia links remain functional in DITA outputs?

Maintaining functional multimedia links in DITA outputs is essential to ensure that your content remains accessible and useful to readers. Here are several strategies that organizations can employ to achieve this:

Use Relative Paths: Instead of using absolute file paths, use relative paths when linking to multimedia resources in your DITA topics. Relative paths are less likely to break when the content is moved or delivered through different platforms. Here’s how to do it:

<image href="images/your-image.png" />
<video href="videos/your-video.mp4" />

Regular Maintenance: Implement a regular maintenance schedule to review and update multimedia links. Check if the resources are still available, and if not, update or replace them. This ensures that your content does not contain broken links.

Content Management System (CMS): Use a CMS or content authoring tool that can help manage multimedia links efficiently. These tools often provide features to validate links and update them automatically, reducing the risk of broken links in your DITA outputs.