How frequently should DITA indexes be reviewed and updated based on user feedback?

Regularly reviewing and updating DITA indexes based on user feedback is essential to ensure that your documentation remains relevant and user-friendly. The frequency of these reviews can vary depending on several factors, including the volume of user feedback, the pace of changes in your industry or domain, and the resources available for index maintenance.

Factors Influencing Review Frequency

The review frequency should be influenced by the volume and nature of user feedback. If your documentation receives a high volume of feedback or if your industry undergoes frequent changes, more frequent reviews may be necessary. Additionally, the criticality of your documentation in supporting user tasks and the impact of outdated or inaccurate indexes should be considered.

Best Practices

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, it’s generally recommended to establish a regular schedule for index reviews. Quarterly or semi-annual reviews are common starting points. However, it’s crucial to remain flexible and responsive to user needs. If significant changes or updates occur in your domain or if users provide feedback indicating index issues, consider conducting ad-hoc reviews to address these concerns promptly.


Here’s an example of how you can document the frequency of DITA index reviews in your documentation:

<index id="documentation_index">
  <title>Documentation Index</title>

In this example, the DITA index “Documentation Index” has a scheduled quarterly review frequency, with the next review date set for December 31, 2023. This provides transparency and accountability in maintaining the index up to date.