How is indexing adapted for financial or legal DITA content?

Indexing in financial or legal DITA content requires attention to industry-specific terminology and compliance. Notable indexing considerations include:

Legal Terminology: Indexing of legal terms and phrases for legal DITA content to provide quick access to legal documents.

Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring that indexing practices adhere to financial and legal regulations and standards, such as SEC guidelines for financial content.

Case Law and Precedents: Indexing of case law, legal precedents, and statutes for easy retrieval in legal DITA documentation.


In a legal DITA project, the focus is on indexing legal terminology to facilitate easy access to legal documents. Adherence to regulatory compliance standards, such as SEC guidelines for financial content, is essential. Case law, legal precedents, and statutes are carefully indexed to ensure that users can find relevant legal information efficiently.

<!– Example of DITA indexing for legal content –>

  <title>Legal & Financial Index</title>
    <primary>Legal Terminology</primary>
    <primary>Regulatory Compliance</primary>
    <primary>Case Law and Precedents</primary>

In this example, indexing for financial and legal DITA content focuses on legal terminology, regulatory compliance, and legal references.