How is the <keywords> element used for metadata in DITA?

The <keywords> element in DITA metadata is used to associate specific terms or phrases with a document or topic. These keywords serve as metadata that helps users, search engines, and content management systems to understand the content’s subject matter and improve discoverability. Including relevant keywords can significantly enhance the usability of DITA documents.

Improving Searchability

One of the key purposes of the <keywords> element is to enhance the searchability of DITA content. By including relevant keywords that describe the document’s topics and subject matter, users can more easily find the information they need. Search engines and content management systems can also index these keywords, making it possible for users to discover content through search queries.


Here’s an example of how the <keywords> element is used in DITA XML:

  <keywords>user manual, software installation, troubleshooting, configuration</keywords>

In this example, the <keywords> element contains a list of keywords associated with the document. These keywords provide insights into the document’s content, making it easier for users to find and understand the scope of the document.